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About Us at Westbound Soap

Westbound Soap is a family owned company. Joe and Chris, married 28 years, enjoy doing most of their life together, side by side. So naturally when Chris started soap making as a hobby, Joe was happy to jump in too! Now that we have been making soap and bath products for a while , our friends and family can't seem to get enough of them!!

When our daughter moved to Las Vegas to teach and our son and daughter in law moved to Colorado to follow their dreams, we realized life was not the same without them living close by. We decided to open Westbound Soap to share these bath products with you and we will be using all the proceeds to help us pack up and move out west where our family and heart is!  Hence the name ....Westbound Soap.

We only use ingredients that you can pronounce which makes it a great bar of soap with lots of moisturizing benefits as well as a great lather and it is not toxic to your body. We really believe that we assault our bodies with too many toxins.  Chris is in remission from a nasty skin disease caused by acidosis, which is basically an overload of toxins in your body. When this happens, your skin tries it's hardest to detox your body, because skin is the largest organ your body has. It only makes sense to not use toxic ingredients on the largest organ you have.  Now that  that illness is behind, we are very cautious about chemicals we put in or on our bodies, we never want to travel down that road again!

We wanted to make a soap that was free of chemicals and was not bad for you but could actually be helpful to your skin. Our society has accepted chemicals as the norm, but we do not, here at Westbound Soap. You will notice that most of our products are made from ingredients you can recognize. The majority of the bath products at Westbound Soap do not have artificial colors or fragrances. However, a few do and we have noted that in their description.

Treat yourselves to one or two or three of our wonderful luxury soaps! You will certainly be glad you did.