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Today the blogging challenge ends and the lessons I have learned

Posted by Chris Greten on

Blog your brand Challenge

Today is officially the last day of the 30 Day blogging challenge. I must say that I started this out very hesitant as I had participated in the June 30 day challenge and I found it very hard. I think the hardest thing was coming up with content to publish each day. In June I was really at my wit’s end and when this challenge came along I thought what the heck will I ever write about as I really have nothing left to say.
I was quite surprised to find that as the days counted down I actually found It enjoyable to write and there were plenty of things for me to write about. I think that as you practice something it becomes easier and easier to do. What once was considered a chore actually became something that I looked forward to every day. Who would have ever imagined that, certainly not I?
Now that the challenge has come to an end I must admit that I think I am really going to miss it. I will miss the accountability of blogging every day. I will also miss the others in the group, seeing their blog articles and especially the comments on my blog left by them. This blogging group has really been a great group that has encouraged me and lifted me up. It is really nice to write an article and have someone make a comment on it. I think in time as I continue to blog my writing will become better and I will be able to attract a real following. For now I am thankful for the traffic and comments that this group brought to my blog. I wish everyone the best and hope that they continue to write and blog and not stop the habit of blogging now that we got the hang of it.
Like I said it has been quite an eye opening experience for me and taught me that I do have a story to tell!

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  • It’s been such a great journey – glad to have taken it with you.

    Kayla FIoravanti on

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