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My heart hurts for Paris

Posted by Chris Greten on

Pray for Paris Westboundsoap
Yesterday I was home getting ready for my open house. I did not turn on the tv or news all day. That is quite a normal day for me actually, I really could live my entire life without tv. I usually see the news on the computer as I work. But for some reason I did not catch any of the news of the horrific events that were taking place in Paris France. My husband came home from work and took one look at me and the first words out his mouth to me were, “You have not seen the news have you?” He knew just by looking at me that I did not know about the latest crazy terrorist attack. You see, when I watch the news and see terrible senseless acts of violence my whole soul just weeps inside. While I can’t even begin to imagine what the people involved feel, I do feel that sense of being there and grieving with them. My heart aches for the victims and especially for the families. I know that their pain will go far beyond the few days of coverage, that our news will carry the story. No actually some if not most, families and victims will carry the sights, sounds and smells of this tragic day, for the rest of their lives and it will haunt them worse than your most horrific nightmare.
As I write this I still feel the emotional effects of Katrina, 9/11, the attack on the Kenya mall and the attack of the innocent people at the Batman movie. I, like many others, cannot wipe the visions of people in orange jumpsuits kneeling and waiting for leader to blot their life out with the swing of the knife. You see, I believe that God wired me differently, I do not watch a lot of movies or television because I just cannot handle the violence that is so prevalent in our culture and is displayed nonchalantly for all to see. My husband says I am not desensitized. I don’t play any violent video games or watch any of it on tv. He says if I did it might not bother me as much. This recent attack on Paris will stay with me for months and months to come. Though I cannot really do anything to help the people that I hurt so badly for, I can pray for them. I can pray for their family and children and I can pray for healing for their physical needs as well as their deep emotional needs. I can continue to remember them in my prayers long after the news coverage has stopped. Will you join me and commit to pray for them in the months to come?

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  • Chris, I also do not watch TV for the same reason and was not on the computer and did not hear about this till this morning. I get so disheartened by the hate and need for violence by some. The horror of going through the for the victims, friends and families I cannot even imagine and the helplessness. Words cannot begin to express.

    Marilyn Schendel on

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