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How to host an open house with your handmade craft

Posted by Chris Greten on


As I sit here waiting for my second open house to kick off, I thought I would let you in on my secret and why you should have an open house with your handmade item too. First though let me ask a question and make a confession to you. Am I the only one at 1 minute past the time the event starts, saying no one is coming? Do you do this? I do this every time! My open house starts at 4 PM and it is 4:23 so I want to slink into my bed and curl up because I think no one is coming. Okay, but really I know people are coming and as soon as the first arrives I always feel so much better. Hope I am not the only one guilty of getting anxious like that.
Okay now that, that is off my chest, if you are not offering open house events with your handmade items you are really missing the boat. There are so many great reasons to do this. The first really big one is you do not need to leave your house!! That is beyond awesome! Are you not doing this because your house is a mess and you think this will be a bad idea and you will never get it clean? Fantastic, pick a day, schedule it, invite everyone you know and believe me that alone will scare you into cleaning your house and making it presentable! Really it works!

Another great reason for having an open house is there is no charge to do it. Think about it, you haul all your stuff to a craft fair, sit there for many hours and then haul all the stuff back home, and you probably shell out a lot of money to have a table or booth in the fair. But in your home there is no charge! You do not have to haul stuff anywhere and you don’t have to commit to an entire day.

This is my second open house and my hours are Friday 4-8 PM and Saturday 10-1. I think those hours accommodate most people’s schedules and if not they let me know and I leave it set up so they can pop over on Sunday. So I am really not out anything really, for having an open house at my home. I am out far less time than if I booked a craft fair and I get to visit with my friends and new customers. So why not give it a try? Tomorrow will talk about who to invite.

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  • thanks for posting this- have never thought of doing this but sounds like a grand idea. Hope you do great and looking forward to your post tomorrow!

    Marilyn Schendel on
  • Wishing you many sales. So great that you try different things.

    Health and Beauty Facts on

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