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Starting to look at repairs to sell the house in the future

Posted by Chris Greten on

Replacing our floor with laminate

As we continue to prepare to move west one of the things we really need to do is to get our house ready for sale. We have lived in this home for almost 12 years and the house is starting to show some wear and tear. We did paint the outside and that made a major difference in the overall look and gave it some curb appeal. One thing we have been really wrestling with is our floors. Our carpet was beyond horrible, just old and stained and beyond the ability to look clean. We still had the original carpet from when we moved in and it was to the point of just down right embarrassing. We wanted to replace it and since we are moving within 5 years that became a big problem to solve. We felt that if we put carpet down again we would need to replace it again in 5 years when it is time to sell and move. So we wanted something that was a lot more durable that would not show the wear and tear but would also be practical and not super expensive. Now we are keeping in mind, that every dime we spend means that is less to pay off our debt and get out of here!

Finally we decided to price wood flooring. We learned real quickly that real wood floors are very expensive and out of the question. We priced laminate wood flooring and found it to be more reasonable. We visited quite a few places before I found the flooring that I loved. We decided to purchase it from Lowe’s and have them install it. We also decided that we would save a lot of money by removing the old carpeting and tack boards ourselves. Wow was that a lot of work! But I think the final result came out great and it will stand up to the test of time.
kitchen floor

Kitchen floor is completely stripped of the pergo flooring that was there before.

living room carpet

our living room before

new floor going in

 much nicer!

Living room floor all finished

Living Room floor all finished! Much nicer!

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