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Guess what you will NOT find me doing on Thanksgiving?

Posted by Chris Greten on

(Beautiful photo courtesy of Hide Obara Thank you!)

So thanksgiving is coming and as you know the biggest shopping season of the year follows the following day on Black Friday. In my opinion, In the past years retailers have gotten greedier and greedier. I guess the big sales and higher profit margins on the day after Thanksgiving became not enough for them and they starting looking to how they could make money on Thanksgiving Day. So they started advertising sales for the actual day of Thanksgiving. All great, right? Wrong now that means that the employees (insert usually not paid well at all people) don’t get to enjoy the holiday with their family and they have to work the holiday.

As a mom who waits all year for Thanksgiving to arrive I have a problem with this new sales tactic! You see, we fly out to Las Vegas to see our daughter for Thanksgiving and our son and daughter in law come in from Colorado to join us. This is our family time and to me, what Thanksgiving is all about! Thanksgiving is about spending time with family and those you love and being grateful for the blessings you have. I am so grateful that all three have jobs that give them the day off and the following day as well. Thanksgiving is not about making the Christmas shopping season one day earlier and shopping til we drop to get those bargains.
There have been some companies that are advertising they will not be open on Thanksgiving and REI has taken it one step further and said they will be closed on Black Friday as well, so their employees and customers can spend the day outdoors and not inside a store. I applaud all the retailers brave enough to stay closed on Thanksgiving and even the day after. I really don’t believe being closed is going to hurt their bottom line but I do believe it will boost their employee’s moral. So you will not catch me shopping on Thanksgiving, in fear of makind someone else’s family work and not be able to be together. Instead of shopping, you will find me soaking up every minute I can, being with my family. How about you? What are you plans?

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  • I have always felt bad for those who work on the Holidays. I am glad that you will be spending time with your family.

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  • I’m with you on Thanksgiving, and will be home enjoying my family. Admittedly, however, I LOVE being open on Black Friday. Having a local brick and mortar store gives me the chance to literally meet and greet my customers, offer them fun sales and tell them all how thankful they make me.

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