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Why should I buy from Westboundsoap?

Posted by Chris Greten on


(amazing photo courtesy of Jenna Beekhuis) thank you!

Why should you buy from Westboundsoap? I get asked that question often at shows and by friends and family. So now is a great time to answer that very question. In case you are thinking store bought soap is the best, I want to set the record straight on that first. Most soap that you buy in the store has a slew of chemicals in it. You can do the research and you will quickly learn that most if not all of those chemicals are extremely bad for you and bad for the environment as well. If you are thinking big deal what is a little chemical in a soap going to hurt me, well think again. I am 54 years old (happens quicker than you think!) That is 19,710 days old. If I use that chemical soap just one time each day (I use it way more than once but we will go with that!) that is 19,710 times I have exposed my body to the chemicals in the store bought soap. Now that paints another picture right, and you realize it is a big deal! One more note about store bought soap and I will move on. A normal reaction that occurs when soap is made is glycerin is made naturally in the soap making process. The big box soap makers extract the glycerin out of their soap. Glycerin is what moisturizes our skin. They take it out of the soap (so the soap dries out your skin) and they put it into moisturizers and sell that to you, because you need it when you use their soap. Handmade soapers cannot extract the glycerin so it remains in the handmade soap and therefore the handmade soap does not dry out your skin. Nuff said on store bought!
So what is the big deal about Westboundsoap? Why do you want to buy our soap? Thanks, so glad you asked! We are all about family. In fact, we are a husband and wife team, we do not have any other employees. We are not some crazy big company that has hundreds of employees, we make the soap, cut the soap, wrap the soap market and ship the soap. We are a family owned small business with a not so small goal! Our goal is to sell enough soap so that we are able pack up and move from Chicago to the west, closer to where both our kids live. And every bar of soap you purchase helps us to be one step closer to that goal becoming reality.
Our soap is lovingly made in small batches and we buy our ingredients from other small business owners and try our best to buy sustainable made in the USA products as much as possible. You see we need to keep jobs here not in China! So those are just a few of the reasons why you should buy Westboundsoap. So go ahead order some, I know you will be so happy you did! You can see all our soaps right here.

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  • What a great message all around!

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