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Why on earth would I need to buy coffee soap?

Posted by Chris Greten on

 Coffee Soap Westbound Soap

By far our best seller at Westboundsoap are our coffee soap products. We currently offer three different coffee soap bars. The first is Unscented Coffee Soap and I am asked all the time what does unscented coffee mean? It is simple! It is a soap that has no additional scent added to it, it smells like regular plain unscented soap and there are coffee grounds added to it. The coffee grounds make this soap to be a great exfoliate as well as an excellent odor remover (think onion, garlic, fish odors and how hard they are to remove from your skin).

Our other two coffee soap bars we carry are Turkish Mocha Coffee Soap and Coffee Cake soap. Both soaps are scented with the same yummy fragrance. The Coffee Cake soap has coffee grounds throughout the entire bar while the Turkish Mocha Coffee Soap is a half and half bar with coffee grounds only on one half and the other half is smooth with no grounds. Excellent for choosing when you want exfoliation or not. We also offer a 4 Piece Gift Set of all three coffee soap bars along with a soap dish. If you are planning on coffee soap for gifts please order early we anticipate running out before the holiday.

Coffee Grounds have been known to offer the following benefits:
• Great for removing smells from your hands such as garlic, onion, fish or any other smelly smells :)
• Can help make cellulite less noticeable
• Great exfoliate
• Can help soothe sunburned skin
• Can help soothe winter burned skin
• Can help blood circulation in the skin
• Has anti inflammatory properties
• Has antioxidant properties
• Can help remove dead skin and environmental pollutants
• Soothes itchy skin
• Can help smooth heels and rough feet
• Can help reduce puffiness under the eyes
• Exfoliates leaving glowing and fresh looking skin
• Can eliminate free radicals in the skin
• Can reduce inflammation
• Can reduce or lessen red skin
• Acts as a great massaging agent
• Will also make your garbage disposal smells disappear :)
Treat yourself to a bar of luxurious coffee soap today and you will be so thankful you did!
Click here to see our coffee soap options!

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  • I LOVE coffee soap. I love to cook with coffee too.

    Kayla Fioravanti on

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