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Reindeer Soap Washcloths make cute gifts!

Posted by Chris Greten on

Since I make homemade soap you can guess how excited I was when I found this most adorable project on Pinterest with a bar of soap inside! Here is where I found the idea and inspiration. She is a blogger from the United Kingdom and she really has some cute ideas on her blog. Be sure to check her blog out.  I decided I wanted to try this project myself and although her directions are excellent, I wanted to make a 20 second video on YouTube on how to fold the facecloth. I am a super visual person and I always love to have a video to actually see it done.

For this project you will need:
Brown Facecloth
Rubber band
Red pom pom for nose
Googlie eyes
Tiny bells for the tips of the antlers
Bar of soap
Brown pipe cleaners

The video below shows how to fold the facecloth. Make sure as you are folding it you are keeping the facecloth snug and tight. Once you have folded it you want to secure the top of the towel (ears)with a rubber band. Fold a pipe cleaner in half and tuck it into the back of the rubber band. Cut another pipe cleaner in half and wrap the half on each end of the inserted pipe cleaner to create the points on the antlers. Tie a cute ribbon to hide the rubber band and finally you will hot glue the nose and eyes onand attach the bells on end of antlers.

I am so excited with not only how cute this project is but how easy it is to do as well. Also it is very inexpensive to make. I think these would make excellent gifts for coworkers or teachers! I could also see this being easily changed into a bunny for Easter or even a puppy dog face. What a cute idea! Let me know if you make one!

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