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So today I took my homemade soap on the road!

Posted by Chris Greten on

Westboundsoap Soap Party

So I took my soap on the road, not to far really in fact just one house over! Today was my first official in home soap party! You know like a Tupperware or jewelry party. My neighbor and dear friend, Laura had the party and invited a handful of people to come and see my soap so they could touch, smell and buy it! We really had a nice time and it was fun to meet new people as well as some of my neighbors. It was very low key and everyone enjoyed themselves. I believe that if people want to buy they will. I don’t need to trick or strong arm anyone so there really was no pressure. But the sales were great, because the soap is truly awesome!

She did ask me to tell everyone about my soap and I had not really given that any thought. Speaking to a group is not my strong suit and winging it makes it even harder. So I guess I am going to need lots more practice! So who is willing to host a party so I can practice? There is really not a lot you need to do, just invite friends over! I come set up and show off the soaps and answer all the questions. I really and truly am a no pressure gal and there are a lot of good reasons to host a party besides helping me out!

Right now is a great time to do this as people are starting to look for Christmas gifts and handmade soap makes a great gift! When you host a party you get a bar of soap for hosting and an additional bar of soap for every $50 in sales. I gave away a lot of soap to Laura today! It was so gracious of her to have me over and I know she was also happy to pick out all her free soaps. I have designed some really cute invitations for your friends and it really is a no pressure event, so what are you waiting for? I am also able to do an office party or a lunch hour party and you will still get to pick out all the free soap! This is also a great way to stock up on free Christmas presents for those on your list! So who is next, I could really use the practice? Leave me a message if you would like more details.

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  • Great idea, hope you made lots of sale. The display is beautiful.

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