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The Las Vegas DMV Rocks and why I want to work there

Posted by Chris Greten on

On my recent trip to see my daughter who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time at the Department of Motor Vehicles. You see my whole reason for the trip was to get her car registered and insured in her name instead of mine. Well, that was the reasons for the trip and of course also to spend time with her and smother her in love

Since I have never lived in this state I really had not a clue as to where to start or what needed to be done. The first thing I did was call my insurance agent and since it was currently insured in her name it would be a matter of a phone call to a State Farm agent near her and they could transfer the insurance. Wow piece of cake! We got that all accomplished quickly and the Las Vegas agent was so helpful. We also got the car smogged (emissions test needed before you go to the DMV). So all was great! Thursday morning we got up early and forced ourselves to head to the DMV(equivalent motivation of going to the dentist!)

But I was so surprised. I swear I heard angels singing when I walked into the DMV. The first thing you see is the starting point which is the information desk that had a long winding line in front of it. Thankfully it moved rather quickly. When it was our turn we explained why we were there and here is where the magic happens! They took my cell phone number. Told me they would use the last 4 digits of my cell to page me. We went into the packed waiting room and heard “Now serving number…..####. “ The magic is you can text S and the system tells you how many people are ahead of you and approximately how long you have to wait. SWEET!!! Not only that but you can set up an alert to let you know when you are X amount of minutes away from being called AND you can tell it you need more time when you get called and you won’t lose your place in line!!! WHAT!!!! That is so awesome, you can leave and not have to sit and wait! Wow way to go Las Vegas DMV! Treat people like people and I am sure it makes your job much more pleasant as well. But wait, if that was not enough they even have a snack bar there where you can buy popcorn, ice cream, pizza sandwiches and drinks. I think other states need to take a look at this model and how to make their DMV more friendly as well. You can bet when we do move one of the first places I am applying for a job will be this DMV. I would love to work there! Do you have a DMV story? I would love to hear it.

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  • In TN you can get in line from the website and they text you when you have 20 minutes until your turn. It is awesome!

    Kayla Fioravanti on

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