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The Story Behind Westbound Soap

Posted by Chris Greten on


 I just got back from a very quick visit to Las Vegas to see my daughter. I had a great visit and got to meet her classroom kids and also got to see her teach! Seeing her teach was the highlight of my trip! She really is quite gifted and it is only her 3rd year teaching. She teaches Pre-school with children with autism so it is quite a challenge. But I can see that she is very good at it and her passion for these children shines through.
The weather held up nice and although it was 95 degrees and everyone was complaining it was hot, I thought it was great! I came back to a very cold Chicago. It had hit 32 degrees the night before and believe me it was cold standing in a sweater waiting for my hubby to pick me up at the airport. The visit really reminded me just how much I want to be closer to my kids! We get to see my daughter, son and daughter in law for Thanksgiving each year but it just is not enough for me. I really desire to be closer to them and be able to see them more often.
I had a great time and wish it were a longer visit but I will take whatever visits that I can get! While I was there enjoying the nice weather I put together a quick video explaining why we started Westboundsoap. I am really trying to make more videos now and plan on enrolling in a video school online to help me make better quality videos. Even though this video is about 2 minutes long it took me many, many takes and editing to get it where it is now. Still not 100% what I envisioned but I think it turned out pretty good. Take a look and let me know what you think!


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