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The best way to transport soap (or any other handmade product) to craft shows

Posted by Chris Greten on

I learned very quickly that cardboard boxes are not the best  way to transport my handmade soap to craft or home shows.  At the last show we did, we opened the hatch of the car and my beautiful soaps that were packed in cardboard boxes, fell out  and the soap ended up in the gravel! :( Not a great way to start out any show!  Another bad thing about cardboard is it is not so great if it gets wet.  So that is why I am so excited at these new bags I bought at IKEA.  Believe it or not they are only $1.99 each (found by the checkouts) They are absolutely fabulous for transporting soap or any other handmade item to and from craft shows or anywhere else. They have a zipper on the top (I wish it opened further down the side but oh well) Inside these bags, you can stack 3 plastic shoe boxes with plastic covers. If the bag should fall over or out everything is contained and they keep everything dry in the rain. They zip closed and they are light weight and very inexpensive!  I can not think of a single reason why you are not running out right now to buy them! 

Oh and another great feature is, if you have a little car they collapse down if you need to combine things to fit it all in!  After, if your show had a lot of sales you can collapse them and have far less to carry back in again.

Here is a bag by itself. They come in black and white and also red and white. I bought 15 of each!


Here I am all packed and ready to go!  It is a home show and  I plan to have lots of fun!

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