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Join me in the Free Clean Eating Challnge for October

Posted by Chris Greten on

In the last several  months I have participated  in a 5 day clean eating challenge. It has been amazing I feel better and have lost weight. I am not a work out person or a healthy eater so if I can do this 5 day challenge anyone can! I have asked Nicole, the leader of this, to write and explain the program. And yes it is FREE!! All you need to do is explained below. Let me know if you decide to join!

Eating Clean by Nicole Gavin

Did you know that nutrition accounts for 70% of your weight loss/gain results? LOSING WEIGHT comes down to GOOD NUTRITION. Because let's face it, it takes a lot longer to burn 600 calories than it does to eat 600 calories! But where the heck do we start? Should you go gluten free? What’s the Mediterranean diet? Maybe skipping breakfast is a good idea? There are so many different schools of thought and studies, it can be OVERWHELMING, right?!
Let me help you! My name is Nicole Gavin & I’m a wife, a mom of two fabulous kiddos & a fitness coach. I have found my passion and purpose in helping others achieve their fitness & nutrition goals. I would love to invite you to join me for July’s 5 Day Clean Eating Focus Group!! The group officially kicks off on Monday, July 6th - and there are some super yummy recipes. These groups have been super fun and have proven to be successful at helping people feel better and even lose an average of 4 pounds in 5 days! If you are looking for a jumpstart on your nutrition, know you will need to get back on track, or just want some accountability then this group is for you! We are eating REAL food - and plenty of it! Your meal plan will include 3 meals plus 2 snacks for each day.

Included is:
*Clean Eating Meal Plan with Recipes
*Shopping List
*Private Group for Accountability and Support
*Me as your Coach
*Even a chance to win a prize for staying on track and doing your best!

***This is a complimentary service for members signed up for me as their FREE Coach. ***

Ready to Join? Follow these simple steps:
1. Sign up for a FREE membership here
2. SEND me a Facebook Friend Request (if we are not FB friends I will not be able to add you to the group)

I offer these 5-day Clean Eating groups monthly - and they are always complimentary - so if October doesn’t work for you - connect with me anyway! I can’t wait to meet you! In health ~ Nicole

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