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Let the videos begin! I have a video stand to take pictures of soap making.

Posted by Chris Greten on

I am so excited my husband built me a PVC stand to hold my iPhone over my work area.  Very simple but I tried it and it works great! Can you see the iPhone on the holder?? Now I can take videos with a bird's eye view and show you how I make soap and other fun things related to soap making. I have been struggling with videoing for quite a while as making soap requires 2 hands and I couldn't make the soap and video at the same time.  So I am excited to tell you there will be lots of videos coming your way! I am such a visual person myself, and I find that watching videos over and over not only gives me confidence to try something new but I also seem to remember better when I can see it done first.  So what would you like me to video? Leave me a comment I would love to get your wish list of videos! 

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