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A long overdue thank you to Lori Linkimer and the St. Charles Berkshire Hathaway Realtor Group

Posted by Chris Greten on

Did you ever have something on your mind? You know you keep saying oh I need to and want to do this. But each night goes by and you put your head on the pillow and then it comes back to your mind. And you are like oh my gosh I need/want to do this I will do it tomorrow and the exact same thing happens again when you put your head on your pillow? Well that is exactly what I have been doing! It does not in any way mean I have forgotten or am not truly thankful it just means every time I thought of it I was nowhere near my computer to make it happen! So after a long time I want to tell the world just how thankful I am that Lori Linkimer invited me to come and share with her Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Starck Realtor group. This is a thank you I have been meaning to write for some time now. In fact, I attended on September 9th and yes I do know that it is middle of October! Like I said I didn’t forget just never remembered at the right time!
Lori Linkimer is not only a fantastic broker she is also a great friend! If you have a house to buy or sell she is truly the right person for the job! So, she invited me to come share my soap at her realtor meeting. Speaking in front of a group is really not my strong suit but I have to say I am getting better and better as I push myself to do this more and more. I met some very special people had some great conversations, learned a lot about real estate sales and sold a lot of soap! So thank you so much to Lori, who allowed me to meet her team. I got to share the gift box that I designed for her realtors and I was happy to say it was very well received.

Here is a picture of the gift box I made. 4 handmade full size soaps, a soap dish, and poof, a note-card with their logo and a gold key!  This is all placed in a reusable adorable wooden box.


Do you have a special group that you would like a gift box designed for? Let me know I am happy to work with you and come up with your perfect gift.

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