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Westbound Soap had such a blast at the Dupage County Fair

Posted by Chris Greten on

We had so much fun at the Dupage County Fair. This was our very first craft fair and we were truly blessed to meet so many awesome people! We learned a lot about what scents people like and what they are looking for in a soap. We will be offering some more new scents soon! We really met some great folks and made some long lasting friends and customers! There we so many people that heard our story about wanting to move west to be with our kids and they truly got excited for us! There were several people that came the following day to say goodbye and wish us well! The hours were long and it was a long 3 days but we walked away feeling tired but so excited for our new friends and for the overall experience we had. Thank you so much for everyone that came by the booth to encourage us on our journey and especially thanks to all those that bought soap. Were you at the Fair? Did you see us?  Give us a shout out if you did, we would love to hear from you!

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