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Got a lot to Do? How to feel successful at the end of the day

Posted by Chris Greten on

Years ago I went to a seminar on time management. I wish I could remember the speaker’s name because I still practice what she taught me so long ago. The speaker explained that as women we tend to make a massive to do list. The busier we are the longer the list!  We fill up one side of an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper and than flip it over and continue adding to it until both sides are jam packed with things we have to do. We have so many tasks to accomplish and we work like crazy all day long. At the end of the day we feel like such a failure because there is still a million things that are not crossed off our to do list.

Now men on the other hand, and my husband has proved this, will write 3 things that need to do on a piece of paper. They will make the piece of paper only as big as the list. They will tear all the way around the paper and remove any excess edge until it is a scrap of paper that you could easily hide in the palm of your hand and they will tuck it in their shirt pocket. They will work hard and accomplish all three things listed on their list. They will cross the items off and then take a well-deserved nap.

Women on the other hand feel they can never take a nap or rest because there are so many things on their list still to do. There is so much truth to this, and the speaker was dead on when she explained this theory. So starting today, write down 3 things and only three things on your to do list. Accomplish them and at the end of the day you will feel victorious instead of failure and defeat. If you choose to do additional items that are not on the list that is considered a bonus.  
If it makes you nervous to not write out everything on you need to do on a huge 2 sided single space list of things to do because you feel if you don't write them down you will forget them, than just DO IT!  Take 3 items from that list and write them on a separate sheet of paper and make that your official to do list.  Take the double sided very long list and put it away out of sight. That long list is not your to do list. Do not set yourself up for failure before you start. Get out your small list get to work and get ready to feel victory and celebrate success at the end of your day!

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  • Chris,

    Thank you, this will change my life because I get so overwhelmed with all I have to do each day. What a great post, glad I stopped by after seeing your title on the blog challenge.

    Michelle on
  • I was a little terrified when you said only 3 things, but I will definitely try this. My excessively long to-do list will be hidden. Yikes!!! :)

    Tiffany on

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