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When was the last time you received fantastic customer service?

Posted by Chris Greten on

When was the last time you received fantastic customer service? What do you consider to be fantastic customer Service? We at Westbound Soap try our hardest to get your order shipped out the door within 24 hours of you r order being placed. Actually unless we are doing family things we ship it within hours of your purchase, this is usually what happens the majority of the time.
Westbound Soap also sends a handwritten thank you card with every online order we receive. We really appreciate the fact that you trust us with your business and we also know how fun it is to receive a handwritten card these days. It is a rare thing to get one, in fact I can probably count on one hand how many handwritten notes I have received in the last month, and my birthday was not even a month ago! There is just something special about a handwritten note.

We really appreciate our customers and try to provide fantastic customer service at all time. We feel so honored that you chose to read this blog today. Time is such a valuable commodity and we don't ever want to take your time for granted and we are so thankful that you have chosen to spend your time with us. We also know there are lots of places that you can buy soap and we are so humbled that you choose us to buy from us. We hope that you feel our appreciation and love when you open your Westbound Soap order. What makes fantastic customer service in your eyes?

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  • I love handwritten notes! It makes all the difference in your day when you receive a tangible reminder that you were on someone’s mind :)

    Carrie on

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