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The story continues on bad decisions and birds!

Posted by Chris Greten on


The other day I wrote about the bad decision to buy a bird. Well it gets worse. After Kiwi was about 3 years old my husband was feeling a little left out that kiwi was really fond of me and him not so much. So I felt bad and decided that we would get him his own bird for his birthday. So off to the bird store we went! We were thinking a cockatiel would be good for him. They are a gentle bird and a lot smaller than a severe macaw so the biting would not be so bad! There was a baby cockatiel there that was hatched and had a handicapped foot. One toe was sticking straight up, kind of looked like she was permanently flipping you off! Since my husband was in therapy for a hip problem he thought he could really relate to this poor bird with the bad foot and so she came home with us. This is no way to tell the sex of a parrot without a$100 blood test so we do not know if the bird is male or female and we named it maybe. Because maybe it's a girl or maybe it's a boy (also we are arrested development fans!) Years later maybe is doing fine but she did need to have the toe amputated a so we have a handicapped bird, that is not able to climb or sit on a perch to well.

I wish I could say the story ended there, and it should have! We would have been fine with 2 birds but that is not how the story ends. A friend had a friend who had an aunt that passed away at 92years old. She had a Quaker parrot that was not even a year old. They could not find a suitable home they felt would love the bird like the aunt did, so they were going to put the bird to sleep and bury it with the aunt. My friend contacted me and said I know you have birds and told me the story. I said okay we can try for 2weeks to see if all the birds would get along. This bird, Buddy, is so cute and talks up a storm and laughs and gives kisses and he won our hearts. Oh but is so SO LOUD. We took him home for a 2 week trial and as soon as it was up the screeching began! It is like he knew he had to wait and behave for the 2 weeks. He is fun and he keeps us laughing but I am not kidding when I say he is loud. I think having 3 birds was the final chapter we have promised each other that when any of these birds pass we will not be looking for replacements. Pray that we stick to that! Do you have bird stories? I would love to hear them.

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  • No bird stories, but we just added another dog to our pack. We had no intention of adding any more, but sometimes, you just can’t say no.

    Kristie on

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