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Happy 4th of July From Westbound Soap

Posted by Chris Greten on

Happy 4th of July to all of you! We have a family tradition of gathering at my house and walking to the end of the street to watch the fireworks. We are really blessed that right at the end of our street is the big park district with a large field. Every 4th of July they have a huge festival. They have a carnival and free concerts and lots of yummy food! That of course is our favorite part, the food! Before the fireworks they have skydivers that jump from a plane and land in the middle of the crowd. This is always a little scary to me but they always amaze me by landing right on the target. IT is quite a thrill when they come in right over your head! We join thousands of people in the field that come for the fireworks and even know I am bias I must say they are the best fireworks around! The awesome part is we walk 2 minutes back and we are home. We do not have to sit in the hour long traffic like we used to in the past. We are enjoying this time as we know when we finally move west we are really going to miss it. What are you plans?

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