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Being a Bird owner is a very big Decision that you need to research a lot, before buying a Bird!

Posted by Chris Greten on

One crazy day I looked at my husband and said let's get a bird! I had been researching the kind of bird I wanted and I decided an Eclectus would be the perfect bird for me! We went to the bird store; they only have birds and hatch them there! Of Course they had lots of birds and no Eclectus! We should have turned right then and there and headed right to the car. But the Baby Severe Macaw had caught our eye! The next fatal mistake was to hold her! Before I knew I was writing a check for a lot of money! We bought her on June 14 and we could not take her home until mid August as she wasn't weaned yet.

So fast forward 7 years later! Kiwi is very happy to be in our home but I must say it was probably one of the biggest mistakes in my life! See you should never get a bird without researching it first and I mean a lot of research. Kiwi, is a Severe Macaw, and they are not know to be the sweet cuddly birds that you would think they are. They usually bond with one person (that's me!) and they tend to be very nippy. So I have a very large bird that does not like anyone else and I have to be very careful because she does bite and she will bite me. Since she can crack a walnut open with her beak you can understand why I am nervous about being bit by her. We love her and she will always have a place in our home but it was a really poor decision! We really should have spent some time researching about this breed of bird. Severe Macaws can live 30-50 years so she will most likely out live me! I wish I could say I learned my lesson and did not buy any more birds after her but the story continues tomorrow! Do you own a bird?

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