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Soap Making Basics Part 1 How to convert a recipe into percentages plus a great slow to trace swirl recipe.

Posted by Chris Greten on

Making soap is so much fun. When you first beginning to learn how, it can seem very overwhelming and there is just so much to learn! There are lots of recipes online of various types of soaps to make. I was so overwhelmed when I first started. I kept finding new recipes but each recipe called for different oils and different molds I did not know where to begin and what I really needed! I am happy to tell you that I finally figured out exactly what I needed and how to make various types of recipes just changing scents and colors so that I did not have to buy a ton of different ingredients for each new batch of soap.

First step is to find a recipe that you like and we need to convert it to percentages so we can figure out how much oil you need to fit into your particular mold or container.

Here is my recipe that I like to use for making fancy swirl soaps. I am really happy with the way this accelerates slowly ( another word would be trace or thickens) so there is a lot of time to make fancy swirls. All measurements are by weight.

4.4 oz Olive Oil
2.75 oz Coconut Oil 76 degree
2.75 oz Palm Oil
1.1oz Sweet Almond Oil

This adds up to 11 ounces. now divide each oil by 11 to see what percent of the recipe it is

4.4/11 Olive oil =40%
2.75/11 Coconut Oil = 25%
2.75/11 Palm Oil =25%
1.1/11 Sweet Almond Oil = 10%

If the recipe you are using lists amounts for Water and Sodium Hydroxide do not use those to determine your percentages. We only need to figure out what percentage each oil is in the recipe.
Now that we know what percentage each oil is in the recipe, we can figure out how much total oils you need to fill your mold and also how much water and Lye to use. We will discuss that tomorrow so be sure to check back!

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