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Are you Social? What is your favorite Social Media Site?

Posted by Chris Greten on

Are you social? Are you on Social Media? I am on Facebook (everyone is!), and Pinterest. The social media that I am learning about and learning to love now is Instagram. I am currently in an Instagram ecourse and am learning so much and loving it! The class is taught by  Melissa Camilleri and she can be found @shopcompliment on Instagram.  She has really dug deep and I have learned a lot! I must admit I like Instagram a lot better than Facebook. On Facebook I feel like there is so much drama and people have hidden agendas. Not the case on Instagram. In Fact Instagram is like a beautiful patchwork quilt. Your profile looks like a quilt and at a glance people can tell who you are and what you are all about.
Instagram is a collection of photos and if you are going to post, it really should be your best photos. The thing I really love is the photos are beautiful and there is no drama with it! In fact you really only should post once a day twice at the very most. Any more than that and people will start to unfollow you. On our Instagram account we post sneak peeks and soaps that we are coming out with. Also there will be an occasional inspirational quote along the way. I find Instagram to be less stressful than any other social network out there and I am looking forward to learning more about it. What is your favorite social Network?

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