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Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband

Posted by Chris Greten on



I grew up in Massachusetts and I joined the Navy in 1985 and got stationed at N.A.S. Glenview in Illinois. When I received that assignment I was anything but happy. You see with my specialization, there were only 5 bases in the USA that they could send me to. The Navy told me to list 4 that I would like to be stationed at, on my dream-sheet . Glenview was the only one I did not list!!!! But Uncle Sam knows best and away I went to some place called Glenview in the Great Lakes region.


Looking back, I am so grateful that I did get stationed at Glenview as I would never have met Joe, who is now my husband. He was in the Army and was stationed there as well. The Lord knew what He was doing when He stationed us together so we would meet. We were married in 1987. Joe is my soul-mate and best friend. We have been through some tough times and some great times and there is no one that I would rather do life with then my husband Joe. He has such an amazing sense of humor and he makes me laugh and smile throughout the day, we always have fun together whatever or wherever we go. Joe is also so supportive to me with whatever crazy idea I come up with. He supports me 100% and helps me and often bails me out when I manage to get myself in over my head.


He is also a very important part of the Westboundsoap Company. He helps me make soap, pour soap and he has become and expert soap cutter and labeler. He is always willing to design soap molds and help me work through recipes and ideas. I am so thankful that the Lord knew just what he was doing when he placed us both at Glenview Naval Base. He is a fantastic husband to me and a great Dad to my 2 kids. I love you Joe Happy Father's Day!

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