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Why I chose Shopify for my website, and why I am so pleased with them

Posted by Chris Greten on


I have had a number of ecommerce platforms in the past and I am currently running a Shopify  website. I am very happy with Shopify.  I am able to have both my store and my blog on the same website and that really helps with optimizing traffic and allows me to get a higher search ranking on google because of the combined hits for people reading my blog or shopping in my store. I do have some web design classes under my belt,as well as some HTML but I do find that Shopify is really easy to use with little to no web design knowledge needed. If I do find myself stuck, their support team has been extremely helpful and friendly. Also their help is always there and accessible, I can't say that about my past platforms. There are hundreds of files that offer help as well as entrepreneurial and business tips. Shopify has lots of themes that you can pick from and they are customizable. I have chosen a free theme and I am quite pleased with it.

Shopify has a wealth of apps that you can add onto your website such as  cart abandonment,  email, contact forms, loyalty programs, social networking and just about anything else you can think of.   One of the apps I really like is the free Facebook shop app , which allows me to have all my store products in a Facebook store and it syncs up with my online website store.  What a great free option this is. Another one that I love is the free POS, point of sale app.  When I signed up for my website you had to pay additional to get the POS but shortly after I started they announced it was free and I quickly signed up for it. So now I can do craft shows, or in person sales and use my ipad or iphone to record the order, and it will automatically sync with my store and also produce a very professional email receipt to the customer.  The only charge I pay for this POS is if I accept a credit card and that charge is only 2.7% ( if swiped.) So  I really can't beat this deal anywhere!

Another very nice thing about Shopify   is that they are really on the cutting edge. Every time I find an application or feature I would like to add to my website it is already written in the code and I just have to activate it. I found out about Rich pins on Pinterest and when I searched they had everything already written in the code and ready to go! Shopify is the first platform that will go live with buyable pins on Pinterest at the end of the month.  So I highly recommend Shopify   they have been very excellent to work with so far, and I look forward to what they will offer next. Take a peek at my website and store and let me know what you think!

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  • this is good to know. I’ve been considering Shopify myself. This may sway me in their direction for sure. Thanks for sharing!

    Kelli Parisian on
  • We just switched to Shopify also this year. BEST website decision ever. My husband runs our site and cannot say enough positive things about the ease of use, versatility, and efficiency of the Shopify platform. Glad to see others benefiting from this awesome tool!

    Carrie on

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