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My recomendation for Sodium Hydroxide, Lye for Soap Making

Posted by Chris Greten on

 As a Soapmaker I purchase quite a lot of lye. Lye (Sodium Hydroxide) is a necessary ingredient to make soap and all true soap has lye in it. According to the Food and Drug Administration, “Soap is made by combining fats or oils and an alkali, such as lye. The fats and oils, which may be from animal, vegetable, or mineral sources, are degraded into free fatty acids, which then combine with the alkali to form soap. The lye reacts with the oils, turning what starts out as liquid into blocks of soap. When made properly, no lye remains in the finished product.” They further state that,“Today there are very few true soaps on the market. Most body cleansers, both liquid and solid, are actually synthetic detergent products.” They are referring to what you can buy in stores. If you look closely at the label most of the soaps sold in stores are not even called soap, but are called detergent bars! It is more of a mixture of chemicals and most of the ingredients are not good for you or the environment and also are very drying to the skin. Handmade soap on the other hand is made with lye and will not dry out your skin.

SIDE NOTE: If you meet a soapmaker making homemade soap and they claim they do not use lye, they are lying! (Pun intended!) There are soapmakers who make soap from a melt and pour base and they believe they are not using lye. The fact of the matter is their melt and pour base used both lye and oil to make up the base. Because they physically did not add lye to the soap they believe there is no lye in their soapmaking process. But there is, it was added to the base before they bought it.

I have found this Lye to be the best Lye and most economical. It is food grade quality, and I have had no adverse reactions in my soap when I use it. I also find it to be very reasonably priced and it is manufactured in the USA. I have purchased a few lyes from the hardware store and they have not behaved well in my soap. I will be sticking with this Lye from now on! Check it out and let me know what you think.

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