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Happy Birthday to me! What a great day it was!

Posted by Chris Greten on


Today is the day I officially turn another year older. 54 of them to be exact!  But anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE my birthday. So many people get caught up in the fact they are another year older and do not enjoy the day. I know several people who get down right upset on their birthday. Nope won't anybody ever be able to say that about me!  I just about shout it from the rafters when the day is here and  it usually  turns into a birthday month not just a single birth day.

I think there are 2 reasons why I get so excited about this day. The first one is because simply it is a gift from God. Think about it. Many people around the world did not get the opportunity to wake up today and celebrate another day, so treat every day the way it should be as a special gift.Secondly, my Dad died when he was only 39 years old. So I know that to make it to 54 that is pretty darn special. When I was younger I thought for sure that I would not see 40, and here I am today celebrating 54!  So I guess God is not done with me yet!

Since my children are now living out west and not with us (remember that is the whole plan of Westbound Soap to move west!) My husband and I decided to have Japanese for lunch, of course just the two of us. On the way in to eat, I said, "Please don't mention my birthday" and he thought that was really odd of me to even say, but I didn't want the fanfare in the restaurant.  So we sit down at the table and the woman sitting across from us, her husband later  told the waiter it was her birthday today! I chimed right in with "Hey, it is my birthday today too!" Turns out we were even born the same year!  How fun is that!  So they brought us each a long stemmed rose, sang Happy Birthday, we got a huge plate with fruit and cheesecake on it, they took our picture and we got a certificate for a free Dinner!! Wow and I was not even going to mention my birthday! So I learned some very valuable lessons on my birthday today. I learned that I can still have a great day even with my kids so far away. (I really needed to learn that) and second never keep it a secret cause you never know what blessings you might be missing! So Happy Birthday to me! I would love to hear your favorite Birthday story! Leave me a comment!

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  • I’m glad you had a fantastic birthday. I’m like you..I let everyone know it’s my birthday. I don’t mind getting older and I like to celebrate my special day. It should be celebrated. Poor Jim always gets screwed. He is Dec 30th and say what you will, with Christmas and New Years eve, no one is ever around and it’s just not the same. He says he doesn’t mind. So Happy Birthday once again. I’ve had one or two surprise parties and those were my favorites. Just going out to dinner is cool. Love you, Ria

    Marie Altieri on
  • Loved your story and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

    Marilyn Schendel on
  • Chris, Happy, Happy Birthday. I also love my birthday. So far I’ve been blessed with 67 of them. I love my birthday because so many wonderful friends and family help me celebrate. I feel the love. Hope you do too.

    Peggy Babcock on
  • Chris I love this birthday story! You have inspired me to recognize my birthday for what it is: a gift from God. I don’t complain on my birthday, but I am very quiet about it. Not because I am ashamed of my age, but I don’t want to attract undeserved attention. But there are blessings to be had when sharing this gift from God with others. Thank you for sharing. Love you my friend:)

    Sue Strawn on

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