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The new place online to shop is 11Main read this and use the code to get your 30% off discount

Posted by Chris Greten on


There is a new kid on the block by the name of 11Main and they are in the process of blowing Ebay out of the game. I can't tell you how happy that makes me!  I was a big seller on Ebay and without becoming a mud slinger, because that is not who I am, let me just say they don't treat sellers very fairly anymore.  11Main, aka Alibaba, is now the hot new game in town. I have been with them for over a year now and have been with them since they first opened the website.They have been a great company to work with as a seller and they take very good care of their sellers as well. All I can say is they just keep getting better and better. They strive for excellence and you can see it shine through, as they continually improve the site and the experience. They have outstanding customer support that are there to listen to you and help you solve your problem, if you should have one. 

Right now the 11Main site is still  in Beta form but they are open for business and they are continuing to grow their customer base. If you are a seller I highly suggest you check them out. Currently there are no fees to list your items! (I do not know how much longer that will be)  If you are a buyer than be sure to check them out! They have lots of fun new gadgets along with lots of homemade items as well. I am sure you will be able to find whatever you need on the site. They have lots of great sales and they take very good care of you as a buyer on their site. If you would like to check them out I have included a referral link for you, this link will get you 30% off your first order with them, it can be used on anything (you do not have to buy my items.) So click and get signed up with an account and have fun shopping!  Click here for the referral link and 30% off coupon.  Oh and be sure to let me know if you shop!  I would love to hear what you treasures you find.

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