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Joining Indie Business Network was the best decision I have made for my business

Posted by Chris Greten on

If I had to choose which was the best business decision I have made this year as a new business owner, I would have to say joining the Indie Business Network was by far the best thing I have done so far. Starting out in the soaping industry I knew as soon as I started selling soap to people that I did not personally know it would be in my best interest to purchase Liability insurance. I began researching insurance prices and policies and they were all around $500 a year. That is a lot when you are just starting out and especially when you are selling soap as it takes a long time to recoup the investment. But I also know we live in a very "sue happy society" and one lawsuit could more than ruin my day so I committed to getting insurance as soon as I sold to someone I did not personally know. It did not take long before that happened, and when I heard my soap was going to Canada I knew it was time.

I looked into the Soapers guild as well as some other policies. They all looked pretty much the same but the one that stood out was the Indie Business Network. For a little more than the average price of insurance you also got a bunch of other benefits. You got access to a secret Facebook group, 24/7 social media promotion, discount coaching, monthly live coaching, member directory listing, and access to the success call audio library. I thought well okay it is only a little more money and I am not sure what all this is or if it is worth it but what the heck I will give it a shot.

Oh my gosh!!!! I truly had no idea what I was signing up for or value of the wealth of information that was instantly available to me. Indie Business Network is run by Donna Maria and she is such a blessing to me. She has weekly challenges and she is a great encourager. I have access to many professional people in the beauty industry that are doing it well and are experts willing to help and share their tips. There are success calls in the library on just about any topic you can think of and from various people and experts in the field. Recently Donna Maria has put out a challenge to the members to blog for 30 days to grow our business. I would never have thought I would be able to blog every day. But I am doing it! And it is all because of Donna Maria and her encouragement. I would have never thought I could succeed at blogging! I know that the challenges and tips I am receiving will grow my business in the future. So it was an awesome decision to sign up for the Indie Business Network and the Insurance, I had no idea that I had truly found gold! If you are looking for insurance for your business I highly recommend that you check this out. You can find information at

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  • Chris! O. My. Goodness. I am sitting here reading this in a puddle of tears and emotion. Thank you my dear for letting me know that you enjoy your membership. It is such a great honor to serve you, and I want you to know that this article has touched me in so many ways — more than you’ll ever know. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey. It is a pleasure and an honor to serve you.

    Donna Maria Coles Johnson on

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