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Easy Peasy - Hard Water Spot Remover and Household Cleaner that anyone can make!

Posted by Chris Greten on


In my quest to rid my life of as many chemicals from my home as I can, I came across a great homemade cleaner. Not only is it good for everyday cleaning but it also does a fantastic job on stubborn hard water spots.  I want to share the recipe for this fabulous cleaner with you, especially because it is so fantastic and the ingredients are not harmful to the environment. So let's get started!  You really only need 3 ingredients!  Dawn Dishwashing  Liquid (do you know how amazing this stuff is?) lemon juice, and white vinegar!  Oh and a spray bottle to put it all in.

Fill your bottle half way with vinegar (Make sure you are using white vinegar,) add 1/4 cup lemon juice and fill the bottle to the top with Dawn Dishwashing liquid. Put the top on the bottle and shake shake shake! That is all there is to it!

  Spray this on whatever surface you are trying to clean and wipe off.  For stubborn hard water stains, I spray this on the faucet and let it sit for at least a half hour. I than pour water over it and it literally washes off the stains! If they are still there, do it again and when you are ready to wash it off the second time apply a little elbow grease with a sponge. If you keep this up weekly you will never have to scrub again! Oh and as an added bonus tip, I write the ingredients and amounts right on the bottle with a sharpie so I do not have to search for the recipe again!

Another way I have found this to help with my daily cleaning is when I am making soap. I spray the table when I am done making soap, not only does it clean up the table nice it also removes any fragrance oils and oils that may have spilled on the table.  Another great use is to spray it inside your sink when you are done washing your dishes.  It cleans and shines it up so nice!  I am in love with this do it yourself cleaner that is so easy to make and is not harsh on the environment like so many other cleaners on the market today.  Definitely a winner in my book! Try it for yourself and please don't forget to come back and tell me what you think!

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  • This is a fantastic tip! I’m always frustrated when there’s oil everywhere and I can’t wipe it up without it feeling like an oil slick. Thank you for sharing this information.

    Desiree on
  • Great tip. I’m going to by some Dawn tonight and try this. I have a shower that has literally turned frosted because of water spots, and calcium spots. I wonder if it will work on that? I’ve tried everything.

    Renan on

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