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7 Awesome Tools for Soap Making

Posted by Chris Greten on

Soapmaking can be a fun hobby or business but before you can get started there are some basic tools you should have on hand before you start.!  To help you be successful in your soapmaking venture I have made a list of some of the tools you need as well as links to them.

  • A good scale is a must. Almost all of your ingredients are measured by weight and not volume. I recommend a scale that measures in  both ounces and grams and has a tare button. The tare is important so you can remove the weight of your container when weighing your  ingredients.


  • Another must have is a good thermometer. Temperatures are very important when you are making soap. I generally try to mix my oils and lye water at about 120 degrees. Invest in a an infrared thermal thermometer. I do not recomend using glass as they can break. This literally gives you your temperature in a second.


  • Rubber gloves are a must as well. You want to have these on when you are pouring your lye into the water and also when you are mixing your lye with your oils.Buy a good pair and you will have them a long time.


Another item that you need for soapmaking is a good pair of goggles that cover your eyes in the front as well as the on the sides. I wear glasses so I need to wear a pair that will go over and protect my glasses as well.


 A good stick immersion blender  is another important  item you will want to purchase to make your soapmaking go smoothly.  You can mix with a spoon but it will literally take you hours to get the soap mixture to trace (thicken) enough to pour into a mold.  It is well worth your time and money to purchase a stick blender that will literally save you hours of time instead of stirring with a spoon. 



You will need a silicone mold to pour your soap in.  Some people start out with milk cartons or boxes lined with freezer paper. This is the silicone mold I use and love. I wrote a post about this mold and you can read it here. It is so much easier to use a silicone mold than to have to mess with freezer paper each time.

 The Soap Making Book that is truly my go to is this book by Anne-Marie Faiola. I actually wrote a post on how wonderful this book is. You can read it here.


There are many other tools that you can add to your collection but this list will be a great start for any beginning soapmaker. Please let me know if I can answer any questions for you.

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