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Coffee Soap with Coffee Grounds is back in Stock! Hurry to get your Handmade Cold Process Coffee Soap

Posted by Chris Greten on

Don't walk but run to our checkout! We have another batch of Coffee soap that is available. We make this in small batches and it takes 6 weeks to cure so we seem to run out quickly!  We have some currently in our shop but I don't expect to have them for long! This is a great mother's day gift or great for a man as well!  Smells great,lather is tremendous and it keeps your hands from getting dry skin and our customers love it. See a few of the customer reviews below. After you read them quickly buy some before we run out again!


~~~~I LOVE this soap! It has a rich chocolate-coffee sent and the half scrub, half suds design is great to get the best of both world. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an exfoliating soap!


~~~~This is indeed a reassuringly all natural product. It is also just plain great both in texture and in scent. The mild exfoliation is refreshing but gentle. It would make a great gift for any age or gender. My adult daughter LOVES it.

So much to love

~~~~There is so much I love about this soap. The fact that the ingredients are all natural is the first thing that probably goes without saying. There are just way too many artifical who-knows-what ingredients floating around, especially in the things we use multiple times a day. I can feel good about using this soap every day for me and my kids without concern of what's absorbing into our skin. The aroma and coffee grounds are a great added benefit with this particular bar, too. Hand-crafted goodness. You can't get much better than that. I look forward to trying more Westbound soaps!

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  • Sounds like a great kitchen soap!

    angela on

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