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Lemongrass and Charcoal Cold Process Soap with Stripes Recipe and Cutting Directions

Posted by Chris Greten on


 I used a very simple recipe as there is not a lot of fancy oils in this one.

Coconut, Olive and Palm Oil were all 30% and 10% Rice Bran Oil. (I also added 5 T annatto infused almond  oil that I had on hand, although I don't think it really makes the yellow any darker) Now stick blend this until a light trace. It s important to keep this at a light trace. You do not want to allow it to thicken up to much as you need to allow time to pour into the mold. Also if you want to change up anything in the recipe do not use any fragrance or ingredient that will accelerate trace.

At light trace separate the batch in half. In the first half add 2.3 oz. Lemongrass essential oil and in the other half add 2 1/2 T dispersed charcoal. (Before starting I added 2 t activated charcoal to 2 T water and mixed well.)

Started out with lemon on the bottom layer. I wanted to make sure the entire bottom did not end up black. Poured yellow and counted 1, 2, 3.

Next I took the charcoal batter and again poured in the center counting to 3.

Again with the yellow to the count of 3. Are you seeing a pattern?


Keep going!

Keep going until you have no soap batter left.


Make sure you are banging the mold on the table from time to time so that you don't get any soap bubbles trapped.  After you got something that looks like a giant bulls-eye you have  to let it set up in the mold for a few days.This is by far the hardest thing for me to do. I am not good at waiting!  When I un-molded it I could hardly wait to cut it to see if I had accomplished what I wanted.

I think no matter what way  I chose to cut the soap it  would have looked good but I think by cutting it so that the  top part became the largest portion of the soap bar was the best and that is why it looks like stripes.

The mold is by Brambleberry  8 3/16" Wide, 11 3/16" Long, 3 7/16" Tall.

 The way I cut was first down the longest length.

This is your first cut
Now cut the 2 bars you have into 4 bars each.
In other words from a bird's eye view you will cut the soap like this.
Now after making these cuts you should have some huge pieces of soap.   You will want to take each bar and cut it again on it's side so that it is only 1 inch thick. The above diagram shows all the cuts you will make.
I hope this makes sense. Please click here to leave me a message with your thoughts and comments. Happy soaping.

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