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Help me name this new Sea Clay Soap I made

Posted by Chris Greten on

Love the way this soap came out!  I would love to come up with a fun name for it. It is made with Sea Clay  and Kaolin Clay and is topped with pretty pink sea salt. The scent is called  wasabi and is described as having hints of Eucalyptus, Ginger and Peppermint for refreshing top notes. It is grounded with Thyme and the faintest touch of Amber and Musk. It smells very clean and crisp.   I would love to hear your suggestions for a name and if I choose your name I will gift you a wonderful bar of soap.  Leave a comment as to a name you think would be good and there are no limits to how many comments you leave. click to comment

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  • Emerald Bay

    Dionne on
  • Emerald River

    Dionne on
  • Deep fresh. Simple earth. Layered slate. Grey dusk. Sweet refresh.

    Melanie on
  • Musky fresh. Deep clean. Simple earth. Ginger fresh. Layered slate.

    melanie on
  • sea breeze, sea escape or windsome

    sandee on

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