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Natural Handmade Soap Fragrance & Color Free Unscented Soap Cold Process

Posted by Chris Greten on

Natural Handmade Unscented Soap Cold Process Fragrance & Color Free
Back to the basics with this soap! It smells so clean and fresh. You will not find any artificial ingredients, fragrance or color in this bar. Big wonderful bubbles and lots of moisture for your dry skin! A must have in the cold midwest winters that dry out your skin.
If you make homemade soap the recipe is quite simple it is:
64% Pure Olive Oil
18% Coconut Oil
18% Palm Oil
Consult a lye calculator for the proper ratios of sodium hydroxide and water.  If you have never made soap be sure to read up on the proper safety precautions. If you want to try this soap out before buying all the ingredients to make it yourself, feel free to hop over to my store and treat yourself to a bar today..

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