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Calendula Soap what the heck is that and why would I want it?

Posted by Chris Greten on

calendula Soap Westboundsoap
Calendula is a wonderful dried flower and comes from the Mediterranean region. It is common to the marigold and has a beautiful yellow orange color to it. According to Wikipedia it can be used for treating acne, reducing inflammation and controlling bleeding as well as soothing irritated tissue. When you combine Calendula with some wonderful natural oils that have healing properties as well, you end up with a very wonderful bar of soap.  The Calendula in this soap acts as an exfoliate and as you can see makes the soap quite lovely to look at as well.  The Orange side of the soap is filled with 10X Orange Essential oil which also has some anti inflammatory properties. This soap has a wonderful scent that you would expect to experience as you walk through an orange grove. Click on the Shop link above to treat yourself to a bar today. All shipping is only $5.95 no matter how many you buy!

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