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My New Soap Making Hobby

Posted by Chris Greten on

Ebay has become a not so fun to place to sell anymore. They are really making it hard on the seller and doing all they can to make it an unsuccessful year for most small sellers. I have always said "When it is not fun, I am not doing it anymore." With that said we are beginning to close up the shop and will probably be done in May when my contract is up. Since I always have to have something to work on, I began investigating making soap!  I absolutely love this new hobby and plan to take you along on the journey. With this new adventure comes many new beginnings for me. I need to learn so much about soapmaking and have been playing and learning for a few months now. I have opened an Etsy shop and still have much fine tuning to do on that as well. I love new learning adventures so this should be a lot of fun!

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